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Welcome! This web-site has no affiliation with any organisation, commercial or otherwise. The site is the personal property of the author and may be linked-to without restriction. It is simply there to further the cause of meteorology.

IMPORTANT: Some elements on this web site will continue to be maintained as long as I am able - mainly the West Moors local weather data: however, the 'Weather in History' section will have to be 'frozen' now as I can no longer access the 'raw data' to add-to / amend the entries. However, I'm pleased to report that the British Library have offered to archive the entire site (with the 'Weather in History' files embedded) and this will mean that the data will be available as long as that organisation is in being: the host web site is HERE: enter the search term " Booty Meteorological " into the text box to find the data.

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