Beattie 2-2-2 tank circa 1860

West Moors
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This site attempts to set out the history of the railway that once was so important to our village but is now only a distant memory.

The first train ran across the heath and crossed Mannington Brook in 1847, and the last passenger used the junction platforms in May 1964. Without the railway, West Moors and the immediate area around would not have developed as it did.

I hope to present a readable account of this period, the time before the iron road arrived, and how things have gone since.

IMPORTANT: At some stage in the future - this site may go 'off-line', but I'm pleased to report that the British Library are archiving the content HERE. Enter 'Booty' in the text search box, then choose "Booty Web Site, The" in the search results.
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