Buses of the 1970s in East Berkshire

There is nothing particularly special about these shots, either in terms of the quality of the photographs (all black & white) or the subjects; however, they might be of interest from a nostalgic point of view, and as the years roll by, no doubt they will become more 'interesting' to afficionados!

{short description of image}  A new ECW-bodied Ford R1014 for Thames Valley & Aldershot Omnibus. The following taken from the show catalogue: " TRD 708M A new ECW bodied Ford R1014 for Alder Valley Services. " Alder Valley was the o/n for the unified 'Thames Valley & Aldershot Omnibus' concern, formerly Thames Valley Traction and Aldershot and District Traction. The company was, at this time, still firmly part of the National Bus Company - privatisation was some way off. In this view, it is standing next to an ex-Midland Red (operator and builder) D7, which entered service in 1956 with Metro-Cammell bodywork. At this time it was in preservation and had recently had a complete repaint.
{short description of image}  Bristol K
This bus / CAP 211 / started life complete with an ECW high-bridge body in 1940 with Brighton, Hove and District (6356). In 1956 it was converted to open-top for Thames Valley (773). It was used on the riverside express Reading - Maidenhead - Windsor. In 1960 it passed to Red and White as a tree-lopper and eventually acquired for preservation in 1972 by N. Dawson-Smith, Chiswick.
{short description of image}  Bristol LD ('Lodekka'), former ECOC (ECW) 1954. OVF 229 .. ex Norwich. Although this actual bus would not have worked in the Slough / Windsor / Ascot / Bracknell area of Thames Valley, it is typical of the type that would have been a familiar site on the east Berkshire roads.
{short description of image}  Leyland (London Transport code RTL). KGU 434 .. sold by LT in 1958 to Red Rover who used it in revenue service until 1973. This bus type would have been familiar in Windsor and Slough in the 1950s and early 1960s with London Transport (country bus division).
{short description of image}  Ford R 1014/ECW B45F/FN=703 TRD703M .. 'Alder Valley' have several of these, a departure from all-Bristol policy, due to chronic vehicle shortage. Seen emerging from Windsor & Eton (Central) railway station on route 53A to Bracknell and Camberley - the bus will turn to the left as you look at this shot, to proceed down Windsor High Street. This was taken in September, 1974. Note that the entire station was re-developed during the 1990s, and buses (along with most other traffic) were displaced - a short-sighted policy in my view, but the drivers always had problems in later years turning across the traffic so perhaps sensible for that reason.
{short description of image}  AEC Swift/Alexander DP45F (LCBS Code SMA) JPF113K .. seen in Windsor High Street on its way to Thames Street to turn for the 725 to Dartford on the South London orbital service via Hampton Court, Bromley etc. Note the old-style (LC) roundel, a short-lived feature of post-LT days. This type was used extensively on Green Line work, and almost all on this one route. This taken in September, 1974.
{short description of image}  AEC Regal IV/MetroCammel B39F (LCBS Code RF) NLE610 .. seen waiting in Slough Railway station at LC stop Nr.1 on service 458 Slough - Uxbridge. Certain journeys are extended to Windsor. This is an example of the original batch delivered to LT without any of the later modifications. These buses at this time were due to be quickly phased out as mor LN and BL?BN class vehicles entered the LCBS fleet. Taken in September, 1974.
{short description of image}  Bristol LHS6L/ECW B41F AMO236J .. Alder Valley (ex Thames Valley) .. seen in Windsor High Street, just after leaving the Central railway station (background / left) en-route for Tinkers Lane on route 48A via Victoria Street, Clarence Road and Dedworth (Wolf). New in 1970, this type of bus had proved more useful to this undertaking than the earlier RE types. Taken in September, 1974.
{short description of image}  Bristol FLF/ECW ?? .. Slough railway station / Alder Valley parking area: showing the terminal area for TV&AO services in Slough (except for service 69), with a Bristol FLF/ECW waiting to depart on the 65 to Maidenhead via Burnham (Garibaldi). Taken September, 1974, looking from the front of the station back towards the William Street, where the vehicles exit.
{short description of image}  Bristol LD/ECW H60F OCY962 .. An early version of the 'Lodekka' marque - in fact the original of the type. The entrance is at the rear, with a long seat in the lower/front section, back to the engine. Seen in Windsor High Street, about to turn left in to the (Central) station. (September, 1974) On Service 192, Windsor - Ascot - Bracknell - Wokingham - Reading.
{short description of image}  Bristol FLF/ECW H38/32F. Seen waiting in Slough station (the station entrance can be seen in the background); on the left (FLF6G/1967 vintage), GRX135D bound for Maidenhead via Burnham (Garibaldi) on route 65 and on the right (FLF6G/1963 vintage), 839 CRX serving route 61 for Cippenham (not Maidenhead as shown). These types were very common with ex-Tilling companies and were still a familiar sight at this time (September 1974), despite BR and LN influx.
{short description of image}  Bristol RELL/ECW B49F LJB336F .. Emerging from Windsor & Eton (Central) station bound for Tinkers Lane on route 48 via Peascod Street, Windsor Hospital and Clewer. Although widely used at first, this type had dropped from favour due to high running costs and poor serviceability record. (September, 1974)
{short description of image}  AEC and Bedford CUV350C .. On the left, AEC/PRV Routemaster LC (London Country) Code RML: seating H72R. This is the longer version of the original RM (of which there were non in LC service). Seen on route 457 to Uxbridge, via Slough, Iver Heath, it is passing a stationary ..... GRD131L .. Bedford YR(?Q) which has completed its tour of duty 'round the houses' to/from Ruddlesway Parade. This service is operated by A. Moore and Sons, with a fleetname "Imperial", and uses a fare-box, no-change system. (September, 1974)
{short description of image}  AEC Swift/Alexander DP45F JPF110K .. LC Code SMA - seen parked (skew) in Windsor High Street at the end of it's journey from Gravesend via Dartford, Croydon, Kingston-upon-Thames and Staines. It will now go round behind the Church and return to the LCBS depot in St. Leonards Road. (September, 1974)
{short description of image}  Windsor High Street. This general view shows stops for all stage services in Windsor, except 457, 452 & 458, which latter halt about 500 m behind the camera outside WH Smiths (near the Curfew tower). On the left are stops for all outbound Alder Valley; all LC Windsor terminating; services via Old Windsor; and Imperial/White Bus outbound: on the right are stops for all AV inbound; all Imperial/WB inbound; most LC services to Slough and beyond; set down only for LC(Green Line) 718 & 725 before going on to St. Leonards Rd depot (September 1974). As a point of interest, the area on the left of the picture used to be used as the market area pre-war, but the buses displaced it to the Clarence Rd/Oxford Rd end of the town.